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The 'Challenge All Stars' Season 3 Trailer Dropped With Some Big Names Back On The Show And No Surprise It Looks Incredible

Ohh fuck yes. The Challenge All-Stars has been AWESOME for the first two seasons. We're getting names back and reliving the good old days. The days of partying, hookups, fighting and pissing off TJ Lavin. More importantly we're getting it with people that came up through The Challenge. And now we're back in season 3 and yep, that's Wes. Surely you remember Wes. If not here's a nice reminder: 

The same Wes who claimed to have roughly 65 business and 48 trucks. It's perfect that we have him back on this season. Wes is made to be on The Challenge and it didn't feel right without him there. He's a villain who went against CT and Bananas. 

Also coming back this year (h/t Variety): 

Yes, Darrell, Syrus, Jordan, Brad, Derrick, Mark Long, Nehemiah, MJ, Tyler, Letarrian, Jemmye, Silvia, KellyAnne, Joanna, Kendal, Nia, Kailah, Melinda, Veronica, Roni, Cynthia and Tina. 

That's LOADED. The rule for this season is you had to compete in a final in order to be on the show. Great caveat. Even better was getting a guy like Jordan back with Wes. Eddie one put Jordan on his Mt. Rushmore of male contestants. The same Jordan who pulled this move: 

Back to the trailer though we already get a little Wes shit talking. Zero chance that will backfire! See that's what this show was missing with the regular run. You have people who are familiar with. In seasons 1 and 2 we've seen grudges held for nearly a decade come up and bite someone in the ass. 

Now, I know some of the true 'All-Stars' are missing - CT, Bananas, etc. But, when I talked to Mark during the first couple seasons he said the plan was always to bring back the people like Teck that make you go 'oh yeah, he was on here first.' and then as the show grows bring back the names that we all know. So I love the setup. We're starting to get the bigger names back. CT is still dominating the MTV version and Bananas has a 'real' job but we're getting to the point where more bigger names will come back. 

Perfect timing dropping this in May too. Give us something each week in the summer to watch.