Being 100% Serious, Tommy Pham Says He Knows a Gym Owner in San Diego And is Willing To Fight Luke Voit After a Controversial Collision at Home Plate

Noted crazy person Tommy Pham wants to fight Luke Voit over what he thought was a dirty slide at home plate Tuesday night. While Voit was trying to score from first on a double down the line he collided with Reds catcher Tyler Stephenson and promptly sent the Reds into a hissy fit. Naturally Tommy Pham has challenged Voit to a fight at a local gym in an extremely serious manner. 

If I'm being honest with you, I think the slide was fine and don't believe there was any malicious intent by Voit. Luke is 6'3 255 lb so when he's kicking that engine into high gear like that he's not gonna have much control over his body at the last second like that. In a perfect world he doesn't come down with his hands like he did, but overall it was just unfortunate. Hopefully Stephenson is okay. 

If Tommy Pham really wants to challenge Voit to a fight I do wish him luck and safe travels to the shadow realm.


Pham is definitely being serious though. A guy who has been stabbed not once, but twice in his life fears no one and is ready for anything. 

Maybe we can get a real benches clearing brawl on Wednesday and have these two go toe to toe. Need it. 

P.S. Baseball taking out barreling the catcher really was a blow to the sport. Some of the best highlights in the morning growing up were collisions at the plate. Buster Posey ruined that all for us.