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Freddie Freeman's Son Seeing Dansby Swanson for the First Time Since His Dad Left Atlanta Will Melt Your Heart

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I definitely underestimated how weird it was going to be seeing Freddie Freeman play against the Braves. Sure, we all knew he was in Los Angeles now, but it was very different seeing him actually on an opposing team playing against Atlanta. The game was what it was, though. Freddie homered, the Dodgers won and that was that.

But when I saw Charlie Freeman run across the field and leap into Dansby Swanson's arms, I about lost it.

Most people thought Freddie would just always be in the Braves' clubhouse. Obviously, things didn't turn out that way. And while I am more than thrilled to have Matt Olson at first base for the next eight years, this was a little bit of a sad reminder of what the Braves lost.

Charlie Freeman will always be one of my favorite Braves. He's cute as a button and also hits the piss out of the baseball.