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De'Veon Smith - The Player Cut For Wanting Pizza Instead Of Chicken Salad - Is Now Blasting His Former USFL Team For Lying About Why They Cut Him

This entire story is a prime Internet story. We have this secondary football league trying to make a name for itself. It starts on Easter weekend and what's the biggest story from week 1? A guy who got cut for wanting pizza instead of chicken salad. There was even video! 

This never truly goes as wild as it does if it wasn't for the Internet, specifically Twitter. Had everyone talking about it, arguing about if chicken salad is even good or not. So instead of letting it just die down and moving on, the USFL and Pittsburgh Maulers decided to go with option B. Make a post: 

Hilarious post if we're being honest. Putting all the blame on the cameras, somewhat blaming social media and even saying that Smith wants to be reinstated. Even threw him under the bus saying he violated three team rules in a 24-hour span. I don't care what league you're in, that's a lot to do. 

Howevah, it led to this from Smith: 

And now the story goes around and around again. Let me tell you something. Whoever the Pittsburgh Maulers plays next should probably hire Smith and give him 25 carries. No doubt in my mind he goes for like 115 and 2 touchdowns. This dude is rightfully pissed. He's got a team allegedly spreading lies about why he got cut. The man simply doesn't like chicken salad. There ain't anything wrong with that, it's not that great. 

Hell of a start for the USFL.