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BREAKING: Deebo Samuel Has Reportedly Asked The 49ers To Trade Him

So there it is. After some whispers along with the most chaotic wide receiver trade market in the history of the NATIONAL. FOOTBALL. LEAGUE, Deebo Samuel has made his request to be traded out of San Francisco public. I keep thinking all this is a way for Deebo to force John Lynch to get his ass off his shoulders and sign him to a big fat contract extension. But I also thought the same thing about Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams, which both ended with them landing in sunny new cities playing for new teams.

As for where the Niners could send a stud WR1/RB1/Nuclear Football Weapon and what they could get for him, the new guy Matt Fitzgerald wrote a hell of an in depth breakdown about some of the big potential landing spots for Deebo after he probably won your fantasy league for whoever drafted him while once again proving how little Kyle Shanahan gives a fuck about running back depth charts.

P.S. Shout out Jeff Darlington for being the one to break this instead of being a footnote in a Schefter tweet like when the first Tom Brady retirement news dropped, which honestly feels like 100 years ago and 100 massive NFL moves ago at this point.