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Please Join Me In Drinking All The Tears Of People Who Are Upset About Marcus Smart Winning The DPOY Award

Omar Rawlings. Getty Images.

You may have heard, but Marcus Smart won the 2021-22 NBA Defensive Player Award in an absolute blowout. Wasn't even close. Smart won the award so convincingly that the official announcement was basically a formality once we started to see all the public ballots get confirmed over these last few weeks. It's an incredible achievement for a well deserving player that honestly still doesn't seem real even after we all slept on it. 

There are many reasons to be happy that Smart won, but for me, I'd say near the top of the list is how mad it made people. That might be my favorite part of this whole thing. People lost their minds over the results like we all knew they would. Maybe it's a Smart thing, maybe it's a Celtics thing, I'm not too sure. What I do know is that their tears are extremely delicious. So I figured what better time to put it all in one place so we can all enjoy a couple glasses of tears together. It's been an insane 24 hours for every Celtic fan on the planet, and we need to fill our time until Wednesday night somehow. Let's have a look

This is just an example of some media folks who are clearly very upset. If you were to just search Marcus Smart DPOY on Twitter you'd see normal people also losing their minds. Saying this is the worst DPOY of all time, he wasn't deserving, blah blah blah. Usually, they have a Heat/Bucks/Sixers/Lakers avatar so it's to be expected but all you are doing it just exposing yourself as someone who does not know ball. Just salty fans that are mad online because their favorite player didn't win. Sorry, I guess. Be better. If your favorite player was the DPOY then he would have won DPOY. He didn't, Marcus Smart did. Sorry if this offends.

Honestly, these reactions feed my soul. I cannot get enough of them. I feel like I grow stronger every time I see someone crying about this on Twitter. I was already over the moon with this news, but seeing how upset it makes people is like taking a whole bunch of PEDs. It's fantastic. It might be the best part of all this. Nobody infuriates non Celtics fans like Marcus Smart. It's almost as if it's one of his superpowers or something. They cannot stand to see him thrive and that makes me so very happy. 

Things are even so sad people spent yesterday talking about how Smart couldn't be the DPOY since he got cooked by Kyrie Irving despite the reality of ya know….Smart not getting cooked by Kyrie Irving

I think that might be my favorite part now that I think about it. These people have to legitimately make up things that didn't happen because they can't handle the simple fact that Marcus Smart is the DPOY. It's incredible. 

Meanwhile, on this planet, in this reality, Marcus won. His name forever cemented in NBA history. That's pretty awesome. I'll say this too, the Celts might not be done. The anti-Celtics crowd is going to be very upset when either Smart goes B2B or Rob gets his first. Something tells me this team is just getting started