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“Ouch! She Pinched My P*ssy! What the F*ck,” Hollered A MMA Fighter After Getting Her Vagina Ferociously Pinched

In every sense of the word, this is a diabolical move. In American MMA rules, the pinching of the vagina or testicles is extremely frowned upon. In most promotions, you’ll be deducted a point if not flat-out disqualified for those kinds of actions.

In this situation, the pussy pinch (pp) is clearly intentional. She worked the fingers into position and then cinched them together to bring unspeakable pain to the groin. Ouch!

To my surprise, the ref does not care about the PP. He basically gives the order to continue the action. Dastardly.

As a ref, you must allow 60 seconds for the fighter to recover from genital pinching. Otherwise, it could appear that you threw the fight.

Ps: I saw the wedgie too. To me, wedgies and a PP are near peer maneuvers. Closer near peer than Russia’s military is to the US military which isn’t close because they stink at war.