Stranger Things Season 4 Reportedly Cost Netflix $30 Million PER EPISODE

So I guess I have an idea why Netflix is getting ready to clamp down on all the password sharing considering they are spending a small country's GDP per episode of Stranger Things, even though they may have to fund Season 5 using IOUs considering the state of their stock. 

*Rereads the end of the last sentence*

Goddammit, I must be hanging out with this big asshole way too much to drop a stock market joke.

Anyway, I'll admit that I was a little worried that things may get a little stale in Hawkins or wherever all the characters are now consider it's the fourth season and all. But shit, how can a show that was good beforehand possibly get worse now that they are spending ($30 million x 9 episodes, carry the two…) $270 MILLION on it!!! Holy fuck. Infinity War had a $316 million budget and it was the most ambitious crossover event in history full of more A-Listers than the Glenny Ball's guest list.

Shout out to the real ones that remember the Glenny Ball

What could a budget like that possibly be going towards? I get the kids all probably got that Brandon Walker bag with their new contracts since the show is a certifiable hit and a supernatural show full of monsters is going to have a big fat CGI budget. But the previous seasons cost around $7 million per episode and was one of the best shows on TV.

Did those sick sons of bitches at Netflix buy an actual machine that could create an Upside Down in the real world with demogorgons and give Millie Bobbie Brown the ability to murder motherfuckers with her thoughts? Because other than that, I just don't understand how you can spend that much cash unless the entire series has the greatest 80s soundtrack full of every hit from the decade that plays in the background for all nine episodes. 

Actually I'm now at the point that I wish I never knew of this budget because there is no way Stranger Things can live up to the standard of that crazy number. It's like your team signing a big free agent to a massive deal and he doesn't anything other than win MVP and win a title that next season. What the hell Netflix? If this guy could recreate your intro screen for $30, keeping Stranger Things episodes under $30 million couldn't have been that hard.