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This Is The Coolest Beer Guzzling Video I Have Ever Seen

Incredible. Stone Cold should be shaking in his lil wrestling booties.

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Each move was more impressive than the next from the initial blastoff to the outward spray to the mic flip at the end, but this part right here sealed it for me:

It was shocking that when the venue lights up a little there appears to be no one in the audience to witness this feat.. just a couple people shuffling by here & there who hardly seem to be paying attention. For shaaaame. I'm more of a chill vibes music lady, but I want this guy to be the entertainment at my birthday party. He should be on Broadway with a Vegas residency in the winters. 

Even more sad that I have no idea who this man is or where this was taken. The video is starting to blow up but the poster never commented any details, which I, along with many others, now desperately need. 

But wait… there's more! Speaking of the person who posted this video - it was a gent with the username @hopsandbrews, and when I looked at his account to see if there were any more cool videos of this band, I found something else entirely. Dozens of posts documenting his own "46 Day Beer Challenge"…

Turns out he fasted and his only nutrients were from beer for a solid 46 days, which he documented via TikTok & YouTube & completed successfully on Easter Sunday with his 201st beer. (That's 4 beers a day, every day, for 46 days.)

Why did he do it? 

Basically its a Bavarian Monk Beer diet for Lent.

Yep, they brewed beer to clear their systems out in preparation for Easter. 

According to Skillset Mag:

According to German brewer Paulaner, the Cloister Neudeck ob der Au monks were so strict during Lent that they weren’t allowed any food during the 40-day fast. Apparently allowed to drink however, so they did what anyone in that situation would do, make beer.

And since they were in Munich, the drink they created was an “unusually strong” monk beer that provided the carbohydrates and nutrients grown men needed to make it through a long workday of prayer and drinking more beer. Not only that, it kept faith with their belief that “liquid bread wouldn’t break the fast.”

Whatever the monks didn’t drink they shared with the poor in the region or else sold at markets for a rate much more discounted than other local breweries were selling. The local brewers complained that monk beer was wrecking the industry, and wrote a letter in 1634 to the authorities. Paulaner calls this letter its “birth certificate.” 

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So, since he's such a huge beer guy he wanted to see if he could do the same, and he did. 

Anyways, I'm still waiting to hear more about that band but if you're interested in your own beer cleanse you can check out more here: