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Eyeball Emoji: Iowa State Star Tyrese Hunter Is Officially In The Transfer Portal, Three Days After There Was Reportedly 'No Truth At All' To It

So this was reported three days ago. Rumors swirling of Tyrese Hunter transferring from Iowa State to UNC. Now why would I say something like that? Well because just about an hour ago, this happened: 

Oh okay. Tyrese Hunter is now officially the best player in the transfer portal. Sure Emoni Bates is a bigger name and has more potential. But Hunter just won Big 12 Rookie of the Year this past season. He went for 23 in the first round NCAA Tournament game against LSU. He has all the makings of a true college star. 

Now at the same time people are losing their mind because Hunter is transferring. I say it all the time but I just don't care enough. It's not 'ruining' the sport. It's all part of the game. There probably should be a happy medium between the way it used to be with the sit out year and the way it is currently, but there's just not. You can say you can transfer when your coach leaves without penalty, fine. But what about all the other circumstances? What about if a coach lied to a player about the team or system. What about if an assistant who recruited the kid leaves? There are all 'yeah, buts' when it comes to the transfer rule which is why I just don't care. 

As for the UNC portion? We'll find out quick if that's true. If it is, UNC is going to be loaded considering who they are bringing back. They'll be a popular top-2 team in the preseason. Now that is all up in the air obviously because every team is going to want Hunter. He's that good. 

The transfer portal is just becoming another way to win now. Look at some of the names in the portal: Yuri Collins (led the nation in assists), Emoni Bates, Hunter, Kendric Davis, Jhoni Broome, Terrence Shannon, Nijel Pack, Norchad Omier, KJ Williams, etc. But yeah this is massive.