“Catch Me Outside” Girl Bhad Bhabie Just Bought A $6.1 Million Florida Mansion In Straight Cash Homie

Before I addressed anything I figured it would be appropriate to add her appearance on Dr. Phil for a lil reminder to the readers of who “Catch me outside” girl is. Maybe one of the more iconic TV appearances of the last decade. She took the world by storm when she went on national television with her mother and challenged Dr. Phil to step outside for a fist fight. Incredible television content. I live for train wreck tv like this. I thought it was only a matter of time before we saw her on Maury or Jerry Springer but in 2022 we might see her on architectural digest. WHAT A WORLD.

This girl, YES THIS GIRL just bought a $6.1 million dollar home in straight cash. 9,200 square feet in Boca Raton, Florida. Catch her outside…….her immaculate swimming pool! You may be wondering how this girl parlayed a one off tv appearance on Dr. Phil into buying a beautiful $6 million dollar mansion. Believe it or not almost immediately after she started a flourishing rap career where she became the youngest female rapper ever to make the Billboard top 100 and has had two songs go platinum and two other songs reach gold status. She’s had a reality show and has even expanded into OnlyFans the second she turned 18 which rumored to make her over $1 million in the first 24 hours alone. Pretty creepy but also remarkable. 

We all thought we got a good laugh out of her but apparently Bhad Bhabie had the last laugh when it’s all said and done. This girl owns a $6 million house, a Ferrari and a Bentley and from her own caption says she needs 7 more!!!! Absolutely preposterous. 

So outrageous you almost have to respect it. Kinda like a store brand Kim Kardashian. Parlayed a viral moment into legitimate fame and monetary success. All jokes aside, many have had viral moments, not many have turned it into millions and millions of dollars. Good for her. On the other hand her mom must feel like such a jackass. Bringing her on Dr. Phil to attempt to change her behavior and all it showed her is that she could make more money than she ever dreamed of by doing the exact opposite of what her mother wanted her to do. Her mother created a real life Frankenstein that the world has to deal with. Unless Bryce Harper or Jared Goff is reading this blog, every single person who clicks on this blog has to go to bed knowing that ”Cash me ousside, how bout dat?” girl has more money and more success than 99.9% of us can ever even imagine. 2022 is a crazy place man. God damn.