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The Lakers Circus Now Includes Master P Attempting To Convince The World He Can Be Their Next Head Coach With Shaq As An Assistant

You know what? Why not. What's the worse that can happen? The Lakers stink again. LeBron doesn't listen to a coach. Been there, done that. If there's one thing I've truly learned from watching Winning Time is the Lakers care about being entertaining as much as winning. At least they did under Jerry Buss. Now's the perfect time to say fuck it, don't worry about Doc Rivers or Nick Nurse or anyone like that. You hire Master P and let him bring in Shaq as an assistant coach. 

e need more connections to No Limit. Master P does have coaching experience too. He coached an AAU team with DeMar DeRozan, ever heard of him? He helped turn Lil Romeo from this: 

To a dude that played hoops at USC.

Can guarantee DeMar DeRozan doesn't go to the Bulls if Master P is the Lakers head coach. Just something to think about. And hey, of course this is all extreme but I'd do just about anything to keep the Lakers as the joke of the league instead of the Knicks. Step 1 is Master P.