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Wake Up With 80s Goddess Susanna Hoffs’ Acoustic ‘Manic Monday’

We don’t do as many Wake Up Withs as we used to, but today it just feels right. Because this Monday is an annual  day unlike any other in Boston. The Marathon just started. The Red Sox have morning baseball. And state workers have the day off.

So who better to observe this occasion with than everybody’s 1980s crush, Susanna Hoffs, doing the song Prince wrote for her and all the other Bangles. And as you enjoy it, take note that Hoffs is 63 years old. That’s the same age as Madonna.

If I could’ve invested in Pop Queen Futures back in the day, I’d have put every dime I had in her to keep it together well into the 2020s And I’d be a billionaire. Instead, she’s keeping all us 80s kids rich in spirit. Happy Patriots Day.