The T-Wolves Protestors Were Back At It Again Today - This Time a Crazy Lady Chained Herself To The Hoop Mid-Game

Justin Ford. Getty Images.

Oh you thought the animal rights protestors were done with T-Wolves owner Glen Taylor? Nah they're just getting started and they seem to be adapting. After seeing their masterplan become un-glued in the play-in game, the crazies were back at it again today, and this time they brought a chain!

I've got a question…how are we getting a fucking chain like that through security? I went to a Rangers game last month and had to take my belt off going through the metal detector. Also, who is not acting quick enough for this lady to have the time to get down UNDER THE HOOP and do her thing? I know Edwards vs. Ja is a sight to behold, but we gotta be better. 

First glue, now chains, what's next? Maybe cement? Also how much money do they have left in the ticket fund to afford these good of seats? Would love to be a fly on the wall of the group chat they have cooking for the next idea. I was already locked into this series because it's Anthony Edwards vs. Ja, but now I have no excuse to miss a minute.