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Reason #438 Why Ichiro Is The Man: He Came Out In A Full Mariners Uniform And Had The Fastest First Pitch Ever

No one loves baseball more than Ichiro, last we saw him he was carving up a high school girls baseball team while attempting to #growthegame in Japan. He had the honor of throwing out the first pitch before the Mariners home opener and didn't want to do any normal first pitch, he wanted to let that baby fly. So what did he do? Put on a full uniform, get up on the mound and unleash a 93.6 MPH fastball on the black for a strike. This is so Ichiro, he only has one speed on a baseball field and it's fast. Of course this would be the fastest first pitch ever, who else is going to go up there and try that hard? Ichiro still looks like he could play, and I'm sure he could come on as a pitcher and get some outs. I'd love him in the Orioles pen right now, hell Seattle should sign him again and get some extra ticket sales. I know he's technically in the front office for Seattle, his official title is "Special Assistant to the Chairman", but why not just like a 5th outfielder? Or honorary first pitch guy because my guess is he's going to want to keep trying to beat his record. Best hitter ever can still pump it at 48, he did always have an arm. He is Mr. Baseball. Chucking a 93 MPH first pitch is exactly why Ichiro is the best. Love that guy.

PS. No clue if this was actually 93.6 MPH but it looks that fast. Guy has a cannon.