Riding An Exercise Bike While Carrying It 2 Feet Off The Ground Is As Alpha As It Gets

Talk about someone that not only subscribes to the Grind 365 message painted behind him but also the Grind 366 on a leap year. If this dude saw my fat ass saunter into a Planet Fitness on the first Monday after New Years Day, he would want to eat me whole if the comical amount of saturated fat in my body along with the Tootsie Rolls in my hands didn't completely throw off all his macros.

This is the part of the blog where I would've included video of Evan from The Challenge carrying a mountain bike up a pole because he thought it was part of the task instead of just climbing the pole without a bike because he was a goddamn maniac in his own right. Unfortunately, I couldn't find said video so we'll instead have to get a clip of Portnoy giving his ruling on the exercise bike guy at the top of this blog.

h/t Levity NYC