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This League: NHL Player's Flipped Bird Leads To Over $30,000 Donated To Kids Hospital

Earlier this week, Minnesota's Ryan Hartman was fined $4250 for using the last remaining tool in a dude's arsenal when he can't get anymore licks in.

"Everybody's heard, about the bird...b-b-b-bird bird bird..."

Evander Kane pissed him off enough to go to the old middle finger. Credit to the linesman for looking out for Hartman but that ship already sailed. I don't know why people were surprised that he got a mild tap on the wrist for FUing a guy in ASL. Elite pro leagues typically frown on their talent doing that while live on TV. That's not "being soft", it's SOP as we saw when Andrew Ference was fined $2500 during the Bruins 2011 Cup run for this gloved bird to the hostile Montreal crowd.

Classic Ference.

But a little over four Gs for a guy making 1.7 is nothing. 

I'm guessing that because it was Kane that he gave the post-fight finger to (after Kane hit Wild superstar Kirill Kaprizov as well), fans started flooding his Venmo with loot to pay the piper. And one of those who made a donation? None other Kane's former spouse.

Alrighty then.

On Thursday afternoon, Hartman decided to make something good come out of the whole thing.

He sent out that Tweet at 1:47PM. Hartman then 'doubled' his fine on Friday morning after the fund hit a whopping $20,000.

And after the deadline passed...

That's fucking awesome. Over $30K raised in just over a day for Children's Minnesota and that doesn't include donations made directly to the hospital as Hartman suggested as well. And two bills was from the ex of the guy who was told 'fuck you'. What a world we live in. And all because Hartman went to that gut instinct we all get pushed to every so often. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

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