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Joe Maddon Just Had Corey Seager Intentionally Walked With The Bases Loaded In The FOURTH INNING

Well it seems Joe Maddon has resorted to drugs while his ass sits firmly on the hot seat in LA. Intentionally walking Corey "Barry Bonds" Seager in the FOURTH inning of a one run game is something. Austin Warren had literally just come into the ball game a batter prior and you're telling him he's better off allowing in a run than trying to challenge Seager there. Incredible. Let me tell ya how to really destroy all the confidence a young pitcher may have. Why was he your pick to come in if you didn't want him facing Seager that badly??? You can actually see in the clip Mike Trout come to the realization that the bases were loaded. 

At least when they did this to Bonds it was the 9th inning with two outs and a two run lead. I have no explanation for what Maddon was thinking. Not a clue in the world.

So what happened next? A magic double play? Nope, Mitch Garver hit a long sac fly to center that nearly left the barn and then Warren balked in another run probably because he was too busy rethinking his entire life. Didn't score four runs though! Chess over checkers Joe will tell ya.