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Big J Journos At The Marlins Ballpark Were Pissed That Press Box Soda Now Costs $3...Until They Discovered A Rogue Employee Made Up The Rule And Was Pocketing The Cash!

If there is one thing we know about journalists, it's that you do not mess with them and their soda, mainly their Diet Coke. Mess with the finger foods, the snacks, whatever. Soda and the soda machine? No way. That is where they draw the line. That is what got Barry Jackson from the Miami Harold all hot and bothered. What does he do when he realizes he has to pay his hard earned money for that soda? Takes a shot at management, which is to be expected. It's the Marlins, it's low hanging fruit. And I'm with him, $3 for a soda is insane. IDC if its a ballpark or not, that is way too much for a press box pop. But this is where the story takes a turn. 

Whoooooooa baby we've got a rogue Marlins employee charging cash for sodas in the press box! I love the initiative, execution could use some work. I 100% think a reporter went to someone at the Marlins to complain about the price hike from free.99 to $3 and that is when this joker's plan got busted. He's probably going to get fired over what, $30 bucks? Juice ain't worth the squeeze buddy! And at the end of the day I'm guessing Barry got his free soda. That is all men want, give us baseball and a free soda and we're set. A+ journalism here too, this is why those guys get paid the big bucks. Free soda for all tonight in the press box, and shoutout that rogue employee for trying to make an extra buck. Gotta be better than that buddy.