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Swedish House Mafia Is Back!

It's Friday; Swedish House Mafia was part of my formative years of mine that included middle school dances and getting hyped up for sports. Apparently, Swedish House Mafia is coming out with a new album for the first time in like 10 years. These guys inspired all the EDM of their day. Avicci, Kygo, all them boys were inspired by Swedish House Mafia. To send you back to the good times here are some of the GOAT Swedish House Mafia songs.


Greyhound is my absolute favorite song because it can get you through any workout. If you turn this song on while running you are going to turn into Usain Bolt. It is impossible to not hear this song and feel like you can run through an infinite amount of brick walls. This song is audio methamphetamine. 


This is just a classic Swedish House Mafia song. This is their big hit. Banger at the function.


Hype up confidence song. Whose gonna save the world? You are that's who, go dance with that girl. You are a superhero go do that thing. 


Happy Friday.