I Wouldn't Have Been Friends With Ria In High School

Another week, another Q&A. If you haven't heard on our podcast we are starting a Q&A segment to expand what we talk about & answer some of your questions. Each week we are posting a new topic on our Instagram & you guys can ask us questions/advice in the comments. 

This week we're talking high school & breaking news Ria & I just don't think we would've been friends in high school. Socially I was a lot slower than Ria. I was the oldest child & Ria was the youngest so she had a bit more experience & knowledge in partying while I was paving the way in my house. We ended up deciding that we would be school friends. We would talk in study hall & maybe ask each other for the homework but once we left school we didn't talk much. Those people serve a great role in your life but we are both much happier knowing we're as close as we are now. 

We also gave each other superlatives because our high schools did not have them. Ria is obviously best hair & Ria awarded me best smile. In 8th grade, everyone got their own superlatives that were very specific & I got 'Most Likely To Go To Georgetown' & 'What If I Didn't Like The Eagles.' Ground breaking stuff there. Ria's school did the same & she won wildest & trendsetter. Clearly we were on different paths at one point in life.

I had a wild Senior year of high school that I jokingly call my Cinderella story that is definitely worth listening to & you don't want to miss the awesome interview we have with the wonderful (& absolutely stunning) Lala Kent where we talk all things Lala. 

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