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Ja Morant Remains The Coolest - Doesn't Give A Damn If The Wolves Try To Get Under His Skin Because The Grizzlies 'Ain't Ducking No Smoke'

In terms of cool or sweet athletes Ja Morant is on the short list. He's awesome. It helps that he's an unbelievable player but also the fact he'll just say whatever. He'll even get to the point of burying some guy named Marty Mush. 

Or the fact that he said his dad was his first hater

Just an unbelievable quote and really set the tone of what I'm trying to be as a father to my two sons. I will make sure that I turn one of them into Ja Morant. At least in my dreams I will. They'll probably just cap out as decent high school players and then get drunk for four years of college. Either way. I digress though.

I love that we're getting the Grizzlies vs the Wolves. Both teams are cool. Both teams are awesome. Ant Edwards vs Ja Morant is going to be must watch young star stuff. Then you throw in all the other caveats and guys like Pat Bev going at Ja and you're going to have my full attention. I've said it before though we need the sweet jersey matchup

Bob Binder. Getty Images.
Andy Hayt. Getty Images.

Yeah I used a Big Country picture. Deal with it. 

I love this quote by Ja though. Like yeah what else is he supposed to say but he's just doubling down. There's going to be a skirmish in this series, I can already feel it.