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Morgan Wallen Drops His Newest Tune- Listen To It So You Know What Your Girl Is Listening To When She's Feelin Frisky Alone

Genius move by Morgan Wallen here. It's Good Friday. In country music circles, that's time for some good ole fashioned Jesus music. But, ole Morgan does it with a twist. He still talks about boozin, bangin bitches (offensive, I know), and blowin smoke but he does it with a little bit of a softer side. You know what that makes people? Horny. It makes people horny for Morgan Wallen. He's got that game in the bag. Bad boy who loves Jesus is a recipe for getting that thing sucked on in the South. These are the facts and they are undisputed. 

PS. Morgan has the recipe for his success down. Start the song slow in a lower octave, go up one octave in the chorus, come back down, and then stay up after the second chorus. Genius. It's what country music radio loves and he does it better than anyone doing top-40 type country. Here are a couple of my favs.