Restaurant To Serve Only Naked Patrons As Long As You Weigh Under A Certain Amount (Aren't Fat AF -Their Words, Not Mine)

Obese diners will be asked to leave a naked restaurant because it could be “miserable” for other visitors.

The Amrita restaurant, which is set to open in Tokyo, has said that anyone 33lbs above the average weight for their height will not be allowed to dine.

The restaurant, which opens on July 29, will ask guests to check in their clothes and put on paper underwear when they arrive.

Anyone who is thought to be above the average weight for their height will be weighed and ejected if deemed to be overweight

Those who are asked to leave will not be refunded, the restaurant said.

First of all, don't shoot the messenger again. When I first saw this news, I felt bad. When I lived in Japan, I would have for sure gone to the restaurant and gorged myself full of delicious katsu curry and some yakitori. At the time, I was a trim 5'11 and a half but I'd say 6 foot and about 155-165lbs. A small integrity violation but nothing to be alarmed about. I could have gotten into this place every day and twice on Sunday. I fluctuate from 195 to 210 now (currently 198) and my admittance to the eatery would be in question on a daily basis. Razor-thin lines, unlike my waist. 

"Chaps, sub-200 isn't overweight. Come on, you pubic-hair-faced fuck. You could eat there."

I understand what you're saying but this is Japan. Completely different standards over there. Our small fry is their large. Just keep that in mind before you book your travel. That's all I'm sayin. 

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