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We Now Have Evidence As Clear As Daylight That NHL Refs Are In The Pockets Of The Boston Bruins

That right there is irrefutable. There's no denying it. It's as clear as the day is long. 

NHL refs don't work for the league. They don't work for "lowly" teams like the Ottawa Senators or the Philadelphia Flyers. They work for a select group of elitist hockey organizations who pay their way to success. You have a ref out there who isn't even trying to hide the fact anymore that he's working for the Bruins. Just getting after loose pucks in the corner, evading the tenacious forecheck of the Sens and cycling it over D-to-D along the boards to start the breakout. 

The brashness of that move is what is truly troubling. I mean if this ref isn't even trying to hide it anymore, who knows how long this has been going on for. Weeks? Months? Years? I'm sure you could go back to 2011 and pick out a few suspect calls that ended up paving the way for the Bruins to win the Cup. We're going to get to the bottom of this and I don't care who is at the top. But I'd imagine it goes all the way up to Gary Bettman. Which makes this even worse because do you think Gary Bettman is interested in punishing the Bruins in any capacity for their corruption and greed? Not a chance. Instead he just hands them another outdoor game so they can continue paying off the refs. Sick league.