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AWESOME Baby, With A Capital A: This Video Of Dickie V Ringing The Bell And Shimmying After Kicking Cancer's Ass

Awesome, baby. It's awesome. Dick Vitale getting to ring the bell and doing his shimmy after kicking cancer's ass is that feel good video for today. I say it all the time when I blog about him. His voice is college basketball for our generation. Not saying he's everyone's favorite announcer or anything, he's just the voice we always had. You knew it was a big game when Dickie V was calling. You knew all the sayings from diaper dandy to PTP'er to It's Awesome Baby with a capital A. 

I hope we get to hear him call a game again. It's one of those weird things when you start not hearing the voices that you grew up with. It's still insane that Dickie V is 82 years old and calling games. EIGHTY TWO years old and he doesn't stop. It's remarkable that he's still out there grinding on the Saturday noon ESPN game. Most 82 year olds are just hanging out, but Dickie V is still crowdsurfing when he can and doing a little shimmy on the sidelines. 

So shout out Dickie V. Kicked cancer's ass and got his shimmy in while ringing the bell. That's the important stuff. I don't have much else to say because there's really not a whole lot. So enjoy the video and as always fuck cancer.