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Albert Pujols Turned On The Burners And Turned Back The Clocks Stealing 3rd Base In Incredible Fashion

Is that Trea Turner?!?! The Ghost of Rickey Henderson?!?! No wait, that's Albert Pujols!!! 

I love the cut of Pujol's jib? He doesn't care that it's not 2009 anymore, if he's putting on that Cardinals jersey, he's playing like he's 15 years younger, no matter what. So what if he was gunned out by nearly a mile? That's neither here nor there, it's the effort that counts and at his age and current fitness level, that was A LOT of effort.

It actually hurt me to watch the elderly Pujols try to snag the bag. But to my surprise....this was the first time Pujols had been caught trying to steal a base since 2015. How in the hell has Albert Pujols at the ripe age of 52 gone that long without getting caught? He was 14 for 14 since his last caught stealing way back when, quite an impressive streak. 

I'm still shocked he's attempting to steal. I'm going to be honest- I thought it was slowed down until the other players started moving. 

But there you have it, one of the most shocking streaks in sports is over. Cal, Undertaker at Wrestlemania, Albert Pujols stolen base streak. I also think if you're a catcher and Pujols steals a bag, you should be suspended for at least a series. Those should be the rules.