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Jon Rahm, The #3 Ranked Golfer In The World, Has Officially Entered The Gaming Scene By Joining Oxygen Esports

It's always wild for me to see top performing athletes having significant interest in esports and gaming. With today's announcement, Jon Rahm has officially entered the esports scene by joining Oxygen Esports as a strategic financial partner. 

Prior to winning last year's US Open, Jon Rahm said he relaxed before the Sunday round by watching OpTic Chicago's CDL match the night before:

That clip above still blows me away - the dude just won one of the biggest tournaments of his life and he's talking about how watching competitive Call of Duty prior to his Sunday round helped him relax…

So now here's the funny part, by joining Oxygen Esports (which owns Robert Kraft's Competitive Call of Duty team Boston Breach), Jon Rahm is technically a direct competitor of OpTic Texas (formerly OpTic Chicago). It's a shame that the PGA tour is on virtually the same schedule as competitive Call of Duty, or else it would've been cool to see if Jon Rahm would've attended any in-person CDL Major events. 

Maybe next year we'll have a Boston hosted Major…a boy could dream.

Since the org's inception, Boston Breach and Oxygen Esports have been growing MASSIVELY. In a short time, they've already built a fairly loyal fan base and continuously expand their talent roster with key signings and partnerships. Aside from Jon Rahm, their latest biggest signing was Doug 'Censor' Martin - known Call of Duty icon.

It also doesn't hurt having the Gronkowskis hyping up your Call of Duty team…

So I'm expecting big things out of Boston Breach and Oxygen Esports in the future. Their laying down a great foundation to make major waves in the Esports/gaming scene.