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Cyclist Going A Million Miles Per Hour T-Bones A Car And Wipes Out Big Time




Chalk that up as another win for people who don’t participate in physical activity.  Rekt.  Dude couldn’t have smashed into that car going any faster I don’t think. He was FLYING.  Hair pin turns are a mother fucker.  Here’s the weird thing though, did that car actually save his life? Pretty sure it did despite the carnage we all just watched.  Without that car there to be his “shield”, he’s flying off whatever mountain they’re on, tumbling 5,000 feet and we’re talking about a super dead guy instead of a super injured guy*.  So I guess in weird way he’s really lucky?  Unless he was trying to commit suicide by ramping off the mountain then he’s the unluckiest guy in the world.  Shout out to those two other cyclists who didn’t want him to be the only one who crashed.  That’s just sportsmanship.



*I checked.  The dude is alive.  He just smashed up all of his ribs.


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