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Not To Make Excuses But UK's Kellan Grady Played With Such A Bad Foot Injury He Had To 'Almost Crawl In The Morning Just To Take A Piss'

[Athletic] - He never talked about it, downplayed it to his coach, refused to blame the injury — “I played like crap and I’m not going to run from that,” he’d say after a bad game — but it’s a fact that the 24-year-old super senior whose teammates jokingly called “Granddad” was moving a lot like one by the end of the season.

“The morning after games, I would be almost crawling to the bathroom to take a piss,” Grady says. “Not literally crawling on my knees, but it was the worst of all limps on both feet every morning.”

Credit to both me and Kellan Grady here. Neither of us will make excuses, but it's worth talking about. Kellan Grady had such bad foot trouble he had to basically crawl to the bathroom just to take a piss in the morning. That's no way to live. The only people that do that are severely hungover people, kids and star athletes trying to gut it out to win a title. Kellan Grady falls into the last category there. 

Now clearly Kentucky still should have beat Saint Peter's despite this. I can't run from that loss. Cal can't run from that loss. Kentucky can't run from that loss. What makes it even worse is the way the bracket broke but also the fact that Kentucky was rolling. Grady opened up about that basically saying they peaked and then had to bring back TyTy and Wheeler and figure out all new roles again. 

Grady was supposed to be the perfect transfer fit for this team. A secondary ball handler, playmaker and more importantly a shooter. His feet failed him there late in the season. But now it's on Calipari. We talked on Bench Mob about coaches under pressure and while I think it's dumb for people to scream that Cal should be fired, he needs a run. He needs a Final Four to get people off of him after making 4 in the first 6 years and then none since 2015. Sure a couple heartbreakers in the Elite 8, but no Final Fours. Then there's the whole title debate. To me he should have two. He should have won either in 2010 or 2015.

Again, not an excuse but look at this quote: 

“He said he’s almost never seen it for this period of time in both feet. He said he didn’t know how I played this year on those feet,” Grady says. He can admit it now: “Yes, I got worn down. But I was able to play through it all year, so that’s why at the end of the year I wasn’t going to say my feet were hurting when I played poorly. I didn’t want to blame that.

I want another year of Grady. He came to Kentucky to compete for a title and play for the elite of the elite. He deserved better than his feet giving and a loss to Saint Peter's. Fuck plantar fasciitis.