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This Is The Funniest Scene In Movie Or TV HISTORY

I remember the first time I watched Eastbound and Down. I was in a (actually nice) hotel in Atlanta, GA during a spring trip my sophomore year of college. We went down there to play Oglethorpe, Emory and other D3 schools in the south east. We weren't allowed to booze at all or anything, otherwise we'd get sent home, so we just fucked around at putt putt courses and by the pool during our free time.

I was summoned into a teammates room who said "yo you gotta watch this show Eastbound and Down with us." He gave me the cliff notes on it and as a cinephile, I was #DONE before I even started it. Low production quality, low budget, no name actors. But as a man of both gumption and integrity, I admitted I was wrong 5 mins into the pilot episode:

When my ass was 19 years old, I changed the FACE of professional baseball

It was perfect television. Raunchy, funny, baseball... it had it all. It immediately vaulted to the very top of my all time funny TV shows lists and to this day, I idolize the ground that Kenny Powers walks on. 

Oh, and I would be remiss to not give a shoutout to Reg MacWorthy, the greatest villain to ever step foot on the small screen. This man was EVIL. Just a coked up, fake god fearing gambling addict who could hit baseballs to the goddamn moon. Oh, and he just so happened to be the arch nemesis to Kenny Powers. The two of them on screen together made for TV perfection.

Craig Robinson who played Reg MacWorthy hopped on our show today and talked about his rise to fame, his new pilot "Killin' It" on Peacock, and of course, how difficult it was working with two comedic geniuses in Will Ferrell and Danny McBride. People are giving me shit about thinking it was possible it took 437 takes to film the "I can feel it in my plumbs" scene, but anyone who's actually seen the show knows that that wasn't all that crazy of a number.

He describes it here:

It was a FANTASTIC trip down memory lane. It's been a minute since I've binge watched Eastbound and Down, but think I might have to turn the phone off and do it this weekend. Got nothing else to do other than watch baseball, so that sounds good to me. 

Craig is also the lead and executive producer of his new show "Killin' It" on Peacock right now. I watched the pilot and it hooked me within 5 mins and I can't wait to binge watch season 1. If a comedy doesn't hook me within 5 mins, I trash it. Killin' It hooked me. Multiple scenes that made me laugh out loud and say "YO wtf!!!" to myself. 

Here's the trailer:

Check it out on Peacock. Give it a shot

And also...