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Nothing But Respect For This Drunk Fan Who Somehow Got On Bayern Munich's Field To Celebrate Them Losing In The Champions League

Holy shit what a move. There's celebrating a team you hate losing and then there's this. Get drunk as hell and somehow wander onto Bayern's field and start rolling around. It's perfect. This dude cheers for FC Koln, who is 16th in Bundesliga. Not exactly a giant or anything like that. So what does he do? He celebrates the shit out of Villareal knocking Bayern out of Champions League. 

He's pretty agile for a drunk German soccer fan too. I expect someone like that to be flopping all around. But my man navigates that tight rope walk down to the field perfectly. I'm honestly in awe of him not falling despite clearly being fucked up. The dismount, you know, not great. But at least he didn't injure himself. Well at least not seriously. Feel like that's a 50/50 shot most times when you're drunk and jumping around. You can tell he has a bum ankle when he starts to get onto the field. That's not a normal limp. That's one you feel the next morning when you wake up and realize it's swollen like a bitch too. 

Vet move to hike the jeans up. We don't need to see that ass. Again, if you've ever been drunk and doing something like this you know that move. You feel the pants slipping and grab both sides and try to hike them up as fast as possible. 

Credit to everyone involved here. People having a good time just laughing at him. Let him celebrate the loss, that's part of being a sports fan. You cheer for your team to win and teams you hate to lose. 

The stumble at the :34 second mark is laugh out loud funny though. Rule number 1 of being drunk is either stay standing until bed time or sit until you fall asleep. You can't be rolling around and expect to get up clean. He left it all out there though. That's what counts.