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An Ode To MTV Spring Break

Kate joined us on this week's Podfathers where she discussed the newfound "joys" of motherhood with a little one along with breaking down stories of high school start times potentially being moved back an hour, premature ejaculation being treated by 30 minute electric shocks to the dick, and Britney Spears getting pregnant. Pretty much the typical topics you see on the Barstool Grown Up YouTube (please subscribe, our children are STARVING).

However, with Large off the pod for the week, we got to discuss stuff from our childhoods that didn't take place in the Stone Age, namely how awesome MTV Spring Break was and how much better it is than the current iteration of Spring Break for parents, which is dragging the kids to different zoos, aquariums, pet stores, or anywhere that houses animals so nobody loses their mind being trapped inside for the week.

Now I'm sure there are a few younger Stoolies reading this blog, wondering what the fuck MTV is let alone MTV Spring Break. But I assure you, it was a magical block of television that aired every April where you watched drunk college kids dance around as the hottest musical acts played music while models walked around barely clothed all in the name of "fashion".

In case that was a little too intense for your young eyes/libido, you could watch The Grind, which was a whiter and lamer version of Soul Train that still had people dancing in bathing suits.

One of the best parts about Spring Break was the great unknown, like whether Kevin Nash would beat the fuck out of some dude that threw a rock at his head.

Or if the next big member of The Challenge would be discovered.

However while all that stuff was well and good, Spring Break went to a whole new level when the good people at MTV hired Jerry Springer to create Springer Break, which led to the two most memorable moments in Spring Break history for this smut blogger.

We had the couple that had a cheating scandal with the guy's best friend unfold live on stage.

Along with the infamous honey and feathers lady.

That woman is old enough to be someone's grandma now while that couple (thankfully) admitted that entire segment was staged. Anyway, thanks for taking that trip down Memory Lane with me. It's time to get back to real life and take care of my kids.