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Gotta Admit That Pulling Hair And Spitting At People In The Middle Of A Skirmish Is A Bad Look For Soccer Guys

So yesterday's Man City-Atletico Champions League was ... something. It was aggressive because that's how Atletico plays. You got everyone all up in arms because of this tackle (20 second mark): 

Yep you can't do that! I mean great tackle to start but that little extra move at the end, yeah that's a card. So needless to say you have a bunch of players starting to do the typical slap fight stuff of pushing and yelling things at each other. However, it was Jack Grealish and his very average hair that stole the show. 

If you're wondering what Jack Grealish said here to piss off Savic? Well, it's simple. He called the man a cunt (allegedly of course). 

Fuck, I can't believe I have to say Grealish is hilarious. This is a great move. Just calmly walking out there, grabbing Savic and politely telling him he's a cunt. It's such a great word to call a grown man during a soccer match at the highest of levels too. There's something about hitting someone with the word cunt, especially out of nowhere, that feels right. 

But here's the thing. You can't, you CAN'T pull Grealish's hair. I know that's his pride and joy. But it's a bad look for soccer guys. You have to hit him. I don't care if it's an open handed slap. You have to do basically anything but what Savic did here. Give us some sort of respect. Want to start with the hair pulling or incorporate it? Fine. It will get under Grealish's skin. But please, I'm begging you, hit someone. 

That said, all this continued in the tunnel where we got people spitting at each other. 

At least they were showing some passion here? But again spitting at someone is a bad look. Let the boys fight. I can't be out here defending this against the nerds who still say 'soccer is a waste of grass' or 'soccer isn't a sport.' The match itself was actually entertaining to watch because of it all. 1-0 lead for Man City on aggregate and you had them parking the bus and trying to just drain clock while Atletico had to push forward. 

But yeah let's actually fight next time boys. Especially if someone calls you a cunt.