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Miles Bridges Lost His Damn Mind After A Hawks Fan Hits Him With A Devastating Bye-Bye Wave After Getting Ejected

Let's get right to the point here. This fan is 100% in the right. He clearly is just hitting Miles Bridges with a double bye-bye wave. It's a great move. It's half like he's waving to a baby and half taunting. Incredible move by yellow hat. But Miles Bridges. What the fuck dude? You can't be throwing your mouth piece into the stands. More importantly you can't MISS the fan you're trying to hit and drill some poor young fan instead. If you're going to go off the deep end and throw that mouth piece you need to drill the bye bye guy. Then again when you're down 25 and getting ejected maybe it's just not your night. 

Good news is Bridges won't be suspended for any playoff games. Bad news he has to go through the entire offseason knowing he's not starting the season. That's just a brutal wait knowing you're in trouble again down the line. But this is about the fan who went through an entire range of emotions. Went from the taunt to calling for a technical foul at like the 7 second mark. Buddy out here trying to get Miles Bridges 3 techs in one game. 

Then going back to taunting. This fan can play on my team any day of the week. Miles Bridges. Ehhh maybe don't lose your shit over this wave. For sure don't launch a mouthpiece into the stands.