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Nobody Is On A Bigger Heater Right Now Than The GOAT Phil Ivey


Phil Ivey is a legit sick, sick, sick person. Nobody gambles bigger and crushes poker harder than him. While the game advances to all the top pros studying solvers and playing GTO, Ivey still hops into any tournament he wants and crushes them. And I mean that- he wakes up, decides he wants to win a tournament, and then does it, no questions asked.



That gives him a smooth $2.8 million in tournament winnings through the first 10 days of April. 




That's why Ivey is the GOAT. When he's not playing 25k/50k blind cash games (yes, that is the current rumor of the size of the games Ivey is playing in regularly), he sits down at high roller tournaments and ships those instead. And it's not like these tournaments are with scrubs like me, he's playing against the best players in the world who study tournament poker nonstop, and he's still taking their lunches. 


We talked about Ivey's greatness on this week's episode of the Cracking Aces podcast.


We were also joined by Josh Arieh, who talked about his time golfing with Michael Jordan, playing poker with Charles Oakley, and a couple great stories about Tiger.



It's probably one of the best episodes we've done, including a Mintzy Tour update (he's back, baby!).

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