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Craig Robinson Reveals His Thoughts On The Possibility Of A Reunion For "The Office" Cast

On today's Pardon My Take... CRAIG ROBINSON! The actor, comedian, and singer joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss his new show on Peacock, "Killing it," what it was like to be a part of "The Office," an impromptu signing session with Mr. Commenter, and much more. 

Speaking of "The Office," it has been roughly nine years since the show ended, yet it still gets talked about nearly every day. Is a reunion in the works? Craig Robinson gave his thoughts on today's show.

Mr. Cat: I saw that you did comment, not recently, but maybe a couple of years ago, that you would be in if they did a reunion. Do you think that's ever talked about?

Craig Robinson: People tell me, but I never hear anybody from the cast, but I'm just waiting to hear Greg Daniels speak on it. If he speaks on it, then it'll be real, then we could, you know, cross that road. On the surface, I'm in.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, the bar would be so high, but I think everyone would like, jump at, you know, I would be so pumped. 

Craig Robinson: Yeah, you have to get the writers correct. I'm sure there's a billion stories, if they were to do it again, well, you'd have to do like a special or like a movie.

So, there is your answer, folks. A reunion for "The Office" seems like it is possible, but still a long way from becoming reality. This was a great interview with Craig Robinson, be sure to check it out below.