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Khloe Kardashian Threw Kim Kardashian Under Bus For Photoshop Error

Another Kardashian Konspiracy has been solved!

Remember about 3 months when Kim Kardashian posted this picture of her daughter, Chicago and Khloe Kardashian's daughter, True? Everyone thought Kim photoshopped True's face onto Stormi, Kylie Jenners Daughters body.  

Watch video below on for the evidence on why people thought it was photoshopped:

Well the Kardashian's never came forward to confirm or deny photoshop…until yesterday (4/12/22) when Khloe was caught in a lie. For True's birthday (4/12/22) Khloe's posted an Instagram story where she accidentally said "This is True's first time to Disney Land" which was a big mistake, because in those photoshopped pictures above, True was allegedly at Disney Land 3 months ago. Obviously the internet caught on, called her out on twitter and Khloe responded. 

Here is the tweet that called Khloe out and caught her attention:

Khloe's Response:

For more info check out this video:

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