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The Biggest Crime Within The Bachelor Universe

At least once a Bachelor/Bachelorette season we have someone stepping forward saying they hooked up with the lead or one of their contestants. If you thought Clayton got off easy, think again. Clayton was accused of taking a girl home after going out to a bar in NYC. The girl accusing Clayton posted a TikTok claiming she hooked up with him & she knows nothing about the Bachelor (she lied) but she thinks she ruined an engagement. It is one of the most insufferable TikToks you can sit through. We don't want to give this girl any more attention then she already got so we are not going to link the TikTok, but if you want to see the TikTok for yourself it's pretty easy to find. 

This story escalated to the point that Clayton himself acknowledged the rumor, posted his alibi (he was at the gym in a different state in a different time zone) & began a back & forth with the girl on Instagram. After a few days the girl met with Reality Steve who helped her confirm the man she was talking to at the bar was in fact not Clayton after getting security footage of the man she went home with. Shocker!

Ironically, our biggest red flag in disproving the story was that this girl met Clayton at Penny Farthing. If you're from NYC you know that Clayton would not be at Penny Farthing & if he was he would've be swarmed with Bachelor fans.

All in all we find this entire situation extremely sad that people are so desperate for their 5 seconds of fame that they would try to ruin other people's lives. 

Jenny Mollen also stopped in to talk about her new book, parenting & more!

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