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We Have a Potential Burner Situation With Brian Kelly Accidentally Sharing a Tweet Trashing Marcus Freeman to His Instagram Story

You'd think everyone would have learned by now. We've had numerous examples of public figures, particularly in sports, getting exposed using burner accounts. You have literally nothing to gain and everything to lose.

It appears LSU head coach Brian Kelly might not have gotten the memo.

Obviously we don't know if that tweet which was shared to his Instagram story was from an account he ran or not, but it ended up on one of his official social media channels one way or another. It was quickly taken down — though the internet never forgets — and the Twitter account from which the tweet originated no longer exists.

Kelly has also since changed his profile picture on Instagram. If he didn't send that tweet and/or post it to his IG story, the circumstantial evidence is certainly not in his favor.

As far as the tweet itself goes, I guess it's not exactly nice towards Marcus Freeman, but it's not really the worst thing in the world. I have no idea why Kelly would potentially be sharing information about Notre Dame's president and athletic director which could directly implicate him in this exact situation, but to each his own. Maybe it's all an elaborate ruse by a well-versed prankster.

I've gone back and forth as to whether or not I think it's actually Kelly. I'm more inclined to believe he just saw the tweet and wanted to DM it to someone and accidentally ended up putting it on his story, but the account now being gone makes me think it really was him. And though the account no longer exists, you can search the replies to it and see that whoever was running it was at least a staunch Kelly defender.

Regardless of whether the account was Kelly or not, it seems evident he isn't convinced Freeman will do the best job in the world taking over for him at Notre Dame. I guess time will tell which side comes out of this divorce looking better.

This is why we love college football.