"Oh Yeah We Was Blowin It Down In There" - JR Smith Confirmed What We All Thought When It Came To NBA Players Getting High As Hell In The Bubble

First things first. It's hard to not love JR Smith. Not just for the entertainment he gave us on and off the floor during his playing days, but also for what he's done in his post playing career. Going back to school, getting better grades than I ever have in my entire life, and dominating on the golf course, it's truly been awesome to watch.

I'm also not ruling out that he's completely zooted in this interview which would be perfectly JR.

Remember what the league did prior to the bubble getting started

so we knew right then and there that the players would be getting high as hell at all times. In fact, Al Harrington gave everyone some advice and told them to bring way more than they need

“Bring more than you think you’re going to need,” says Al Harrington, an NBA veteran turned cannabis advocate who through his company, Viola Brands, promotes social equity in the marijuana industry and seeks to destigmatize cannabis. “You might have that teammate who’s never smoked and might want to try it since they’re stuck in a bubble. So you might be supplying other people.”

Now that JR confirmed it, I have to say it's the least surprising news of all time. What else were these guys going to do that whole time being trapped in Orlando? Especially when the league said they weren't going to test for it, that was the lock of the century. I can only imagine how awesome it must have been go to hoop for a few hours, come back to your room, roll a blunt and just chill with your friends who also happen to be the best basketball players on the planet. I am seriously hoping with how many players are into vlogging nowadays that we have footage of these sessions and it gets released in like 10 years. You just know the documentaries about the bubble are going to be awesome, and I am praying this aspect of it makes the cut. You forget these dudes are just regular people, they just happen to have a bazillion dollars in their bank account. You're telling me you don't love getting high and sitting by a pool in gorgeous weather? Of course you do. 

NBA superstars, they're just like us!