The Timberwolves Are The Coolest Team In The League Yet They Need To Make One Very, VERY Important Change ASAP

I love everything about this Wolves team. They are cool, annoying, fun to watch and actually just good. You have the two young stars in KAT and Ant. You have the 3rd guy in Russell. You have the pest of Pat Bev. You have the right role players in Malik Beasley, Jaylen Nowell, Jarred Vanderbilt, etc. We'll get into more of that in a little bit, but here's my point. They are too damn cool to be wearing this shit. 

David Sherman. Getty Images.

That jersey stinks out loud. That doesn't scream playoff team. That screams a team that's owned by a soccer owner and trying to look the part of both. The Wolves need to go back to having the coolest jerseys in the league. 

Bob Binder. Getty Images.

The trees. If you're old enough you remember knowing how cool these were the moment they were released. The color scheme, the font, the trees. That was worthy of a run in the playoffs - if only some dude named Tim Duncan and then the Lakers weren't around. Shit, the Wolves just need to wear these all year.

David Sherman. Getty Images.

How do you have these in the rotation but not rock them all the time? Like I said, you're the Wolves. They were never good. There's a reason they've only made the playoffs twice in essentially two decades. That's why I have NO problem with this reaction. 

Show some emotion. Who gives a shit? They made the playoffs and they are the Timberwolves. If the Wolves won a game the last few years they had every right to do this. The Wolves don't play in the playoffs. Like I said, this is a young team too. Pat Bev is 33 but basically everyone else is 26 and under. 


I can appreciate Pat Bev for being an asshole. I know people don't like him. Fine. He's actually a great story in how he made his way even to the league, but he's a grade A asshole. Every team needs that. Ant is as easy to cheer for as anyone and his quotes are even better. 

I'm even willing to look past people gluing themselves to the floor. 

Simple from here on out though. The Wolves break out the elite jerseys, top tier jerseys, they win in the playoffs. They snap the streak. Also Ja vs Ant is going to be AWESOME.