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I Would Like To Officially Rebuke Charles Barkley's Comments Regarding The Celtics/Nets Series

Oh hell no. What the fuck is this? Listen, you can't force me to watch the Celts on TNT all year only to hear Chuck and Shaq basically call the Celtics dog food despite being 35-12 to finish the year. It didn't matter that they had a 20-4 stretch going at one point and were on TNT, those two went on national television and refused to acknowledge that the Celtics were good. They would bring up shit that existed in October despite it being March. Shaq said like two days ago that the Celtics weren't consistent! They finished the season basically never losing! Chuck picked every other East contender over them every chance he could. So no, you don't get to do this Chuck. 

It's not even that I disagree with Chuck (I don't). It's just that Chuck is the kiss of death. You hear your team get the Chuck Guarantee and that's usually a wrap for you. That's why I have no choice but to publicly rebuke this action. I know what you're doing Chuck. I know he hates the Celtics given his Philly ties. Sorry, not going to work. Literally anyone else on earth can make this claim and I won't bat an eye, but when Chuck does it we have to stop this shit before it spreads. 

There's simply too much on the line. The series is too big and the stakes are too high for me to allow this to go unchecked. It is my job to publicly make sure the Basketball Gods know that we Celtics fans do not claim Chuck or his opinions. I respect the hell out of the Nets and their ability to potentially win this series. Anyone who doesn't is a moron. 

That's why I will not sit by and let this type of shit from Chuck happen. No chance in hell.