After A 3,855 Day Absence, Albert Pujols Has Once Again Homered In A Cardinals Uniform

This is a story I’m going to be on all year. I know that analytically, Albert Pujols does not grade out to be a good player anymore, and he hasn’t for quite some time now, but I don’t care. We’re talking about The Machine. There are maybe 10 (and I think I’m unfair to Albert by coming up with that many) people who have been better at hitting a baseball in their lifetimes than Pujols. The dude is an absolute legend, and it’s so cool to see him back in his element in the city that he probably should’ve never left in St. Louis. And tonight, he hit his first home run in a Cardinals uniform since September of 2011 (postseason games not included) to begin the final year of a historic career. 

While this is a sentimental story, I appreciate that Pujols didn’t return to a dumpster fire. This year, the Cardinals are a legitimately good team that will probably fight for a playoff spot. And while he’s a shell of himself at this point, it wouldn’t shock me if Pujols was better this season than he’s been over the last five years. He’s back in his element. I guarantee that he won’t put up the final season that David Ortiz did, but he’s finally home and chasing 700 home runs. He’s now only 20 home runs away from that milestone. It only feels right to see him back in the Cardinal red again.