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Going Back to North Carolina on a Journey Through The Past


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It feels like old times as I hit the road to play my first live poker of 2022 at WSOP Cherokee in North Carolina (I was a poker pro 2006-14 & in top 200 online in world). I have not played one single hand of poker since Nate Silver unceremoniously busted me out of 2021 WSOP Main Event on Day 2 in Las Vegas last November (I cashed in 2 of 7 events).

Cherokee is one of the best stops on the WSOP Circuit and draws huge soft fields 3-4 times a year. It is also gorgeous in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I am lucky to have backers who still have faith in The Destroyer (my online poker name) so it's time to prove I am not washed up to the Stoolies (and myself). 

Here is my tentative schedule:

04/13 $400 500k Guarantee

04/14 $1100 100k Guarantee

04/15 $1700 1 Million Guarantee Main Event 

I also could end up in a few other side events. My plan this trip is to play as much as possible to get my game sharp. I will also be doing videos & blogs for Cracking Aces our Barstool Poker podcast documenting the journey. Someone must step up to defend the honor of the podcast! 

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We just had a really great episode yesterday, would be a great one to start with if you're new.

With the WSOP Las Vegas is coming up in a couple months I gotta get ready. This might be my only tune up live event because of how slammed my Barstool schedule is. What a first world problem. 

Despite not playing lately, I still feel good about my chances on this trip. I have always done well in Southern live poker & that will continue!

When I played down here in 2014 I finished 33rd out of 900 players in main event for $4,668 & got 7th in a $365 tourney for $3,643 on same trip. Of course that was 8 years ago and times have changed but I still feel I can show em' something!

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