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Arkansas Hoops Player Trey Wade - Who Tore Eric Musselman's Rotator Cuff During A Practice Drill - Is Smartly Getting An NFL Tryout

Here we are again with a college hoops player looking at potentially switching sports to the NFL. However, this case is a little different. Trey Wade is the guy who put Eric Musselman, his own coach, in a sling this year. Granted it wasn't on purpose, it was during a practice drill, is getting an NFL tryout. I love it. If you're willing to go balls to the wall against your own head coach you can play on my football team. I don't care if he's trying out for tight end, there's a 100% chance he has better hands than Evan Engram. If I had to watch Engram as a 1st round pick tip passes for backbreaking INTs, surely I can watch Trey Wade on a much cheaper contract attempt to do the same. 

Honestly the fact he tore Musselman's rotator cuff should be the top bullet point on his scouting report. Then his size and athleticism, all that good stuff. But you gotta be a little crazy to play football. You gotta be crazier to go from hoops to football, even if it's a way to play pro sports. I get it, I really do. Just no thank you to having to block an edge rusher and then come across the middle on an 8-yard in pattern only to get laid out by a safety. No thank you in the slightest. 

I need the Giants new front office and coaching staff to take a look here. Let's start thinking outside the box and bring in all the college basketball players. The last few years of having 100% football players didn't work. What's the worst that can happen? Draft a running back 2nd overall after tanking? Been there before. 

Also knowing Muss, I 100% guarantee he turns this into some sort of recruiting tool. A real bitch to have him in the SEC, I tell ya. Need him to go back to Nevada for my own sake.