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Nobody Has Impacted Your Day-To-Day Life More Than The Founders Of PayPal And They're Worth A Combine $310Bn

Talking about a coaching tree. The greatest incubator in the history of Silicon Valley had to be the conference rooms 20+ years ago in the offices of Paypal. I had no idea the amount of brain power and innovation that came from those founders. Paypal for starters, owns Venmo, so even today paypal is the leader in person to person transferring of funds. Even if that was their only invention/innovation they'd be ungodly wealthy, but that was just the start. 

The Paypal alumni list is the '27 Yankees. An unbelievable list that I personally wasn't aware of until I started the research. Out of that company we got



--The Boring Company

--The largest shareholder of Twitter

--Angel investor of Facebook

--Founder of LinkedIn

--Founders of YouTube

--Founders of Yelp

I dare you to get through the day without using at least one of those platforms and/or products. That's not even including the other things they invested in and helped grow like AirBnb, postmates, square space, Uber, and on and on the list goes. 

If there was one reunion I'd want to go to it'd be the Paypal alumni reunion. I feel like sitting around with a little scotch and maybe some of this

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and you'd get involved in some billion dollar idea by accident. Just by being close to that level of brain power. I almost feel like whoever the next President is should just take those 50 or so people and be like…congratulations, you're my new cabinet, now go fix America while the press makes up lies about us. Best and brightest. I feel like this is the way for me to get my planet saving ideas off the ground

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