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Would You ACTUALLY Star In Only Fans Content If The Opportunity Presented Itself?

I'm still learning the TikTok world but after I posted this one last week it quickly became my most successful TikTok BY FAR after reaching over 3.5 million views. I'll be the first to admit that these views mostly came from people commenting either saying I'm scared to have intercourse with our wonderful first guest on Only Stans Genie Exum or I'm playing for the team (not that there's anything wrong with that). Both are untrue, I simply just don't want to become a PORN STAR at the ripe age of 25 for no money! That's a tall order. And frankly I stand by not being able to enjoy the actual act if I'm filming for an Only Fans. The mind simply wouldn't be right therefore it's not worth it in my opinion.

And I'm fairly confident all you TikTok commenters wouldn't ACTUALLY go through with this either if offered! Al talk and no action. Shaking my head!

Also the first episode of this show did pretty well and I now need more Only Fans models guests based in New York so if you are one and/or know any...please let me know! Glen@barstoolsports.com is my email, Glenny_balls on Twitter, and Glennyballs on IG. Thank you!!