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The Savannah Bananas Games Are Now Going Full Slugfest With Players Using Bats That Are Actually On Fire

You've heard of the Savannah Bananas by now. They're incorporating whatever the hell they want into the game of baseball and making it fun as hell for everyone. Players on stilts, batters announcing themselves as they walk up to the plate, pitchers doing dances before delivering a pitch, having fans be able to record outs in the stands, etc. Shit's a fever dream. Well now they're just going full slugfest with lighting bats on fire which is AWESOME. 

If Rob Manfred wants to really get eyeballs on the game of baseball he needs to incorporate fire bats. Three hits in your first three ABs and you get a fire bat. I wonder if there is actually a rule in the handbook against lighting your bat on fire. You can prepare for a handful of stuff, but you think when they were mapping out the ins and outs of the game they prepared for Beric's fire sword??

I gotta say looking back at the clip, if you come up with the fire bat you can't almost get thrown out at first. A clean throw there gets him I think, but the ball short shopped the first baseman. Tough enough look to only muster a single with the fire bat, but getting gunned out? Might have to retire if that was the case.

All in all, fire bats are in and should never leave.