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Hank Sent Me One Of The Weirdest Texts I've Ever Gotten

New episode is live starting off with Hank to talk about the weird text he sent to me, Dan, Gaz, and Caleb.  Big Cat filed a complaint to HR about it. Hank also gave us inside info on Loud Sean's final night out at Barstool with some incredible never before seen footage.  Then we had the viral goombah looking Yankee fan on who ended up being not at all what we expected.  And last guest was my latest lookalike (not Bradley Cooper), who is also very good looking.  Other topics:  I went on the Nelk Boys podcast with Bob Menery. The Bitcoin conference in Miami.  How the deal to call the Canelo fight came together. Titus and Tate vs. Bench Mob.  And Frank the Tank has already cancelled the Mets season. 

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